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General Motors Holden Torana
General Motors Holden LC Torana
Holden LC Torana
The Company
General Motors Holden (GMH) is owned by General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Michigan. To read more about the company click here.

The Torana
The LC Torana went on sale in 1969. It was nimbler, lighter, better balanced, just as quiet and just as comfortable as the Monaro. Its rack and pinion steering offered a precision and directness undreamed of on previous Holdens. In its cheapest form the LC six was a two-door equipped with drum brakes all round and a three speed column shift manual.

The GTR model was the performance edition of the LC. It was equipped with a tricked up 161 motor, four speed gear box, heavy duty suspension and full instrumentation. The air cleaner was a new low restriction design, Twin exhaust manifolds, a higher lift camshaft, and superior exhaust valves and the manifold was water heated. The standing quarter mile time was 17.2 seconds at 105 Mph with 90 mph available in third gear. Only the GTR offered disc brakes on the front as standard.

Late in 1970, GM-H surprised everybody with the release of the XU-1 option for the GTR, creating the GTR XU-1. The GTR XU-1 was built and homologated purely for series production racing. Improvements over the normal GTR included a 186ci engine with triple 150mm CD Strongberg side-draught carburetors, tuned full-length inlet manifold, sports air cleaners, revised cylinder head with larger valves and a high-lift camshaft. The result was a healthy 160bhp. Also fitted were a two-inch exhaust system, thicker disc brakes, limited-slip differential, larger fuel tank, front air dam and rear boot lid spoiler. Badging utilized bold GTR-XU1 decals on both front guards and on the rear spoiler.

General Motors Holden LJ Torana
Holden LJ Torana

The 1972 LJ's were basically face-lifted LC models with substantial improvements. The GTR XU-1 now sported triple 175mm CD Strongberg side-draught carburetors and camshaft modifications, developing 190bhp, making it a very formidable beast. The four-speed XU-1 gearbox was now the Australian four-speed transmission, type M21. The GTR XU-1 was undergoing constant development, with each facet of the car being improved as required for racing, until the ultimate version was released in September 1972. It had stronger fine-spline rear axles, tubular exhaust headers (extractors) and 13x6 inch Globe Sprintmaster alloy wheels. The XU-1 engine featured a beefier block and pistons, new head casting and bigger cam, and boasted more than 200bhp. A GTR XU-1 (four speed) could cover the quarter in 15.6 seconds, which was pretty formidable for a small road car. The XU-1 went on to dominate Australian Touring Car Racing and won the famous Bathurst 1000-kilometre race.

General Motors Holden UC Torana
Holden LX Torana

Between March 1974 and 1976 there were no two-door Toranas produced. The LX Torana reintroduced the two-door version but this time it was in the form of a SS Hatchback. These were later followed by the Sunbird Hatchback and then arguable most desirable Torana of all - the A9X Option. This option was used to introduce and homologate several upgrades so they could be used in Touring Car Racing. The A9X was equipped with a much stronger 10 bolt Holden Salisbury style differential and rear disc brakes. The body sported wheel arch flares to accommodate 14" x 6" sports road wheels. The hood was fitted with a rear facing scoop. Ducting was fitted from the front spoiler to provide cooling to the front brakes. Only 405 A9X Toranas were produced for sale to the public and these consisted of 305 four-door sedans and 100 two-door hatches.

Two Holden Torana A9X race cars
Two Holden Torana A9X race cars

The UC Torana saw some major changes to the front end sheet metal, lights, grille and bumper. It was also given a new interior which included seats, dash and controls. Sadly, on the mechanical side, the V8 was dropped from the range.

General Motors Holden UC Torana
Holden UC Torana

Price guide
As with any collectable vehicle prices vary wildly depending on rarity, factory options, condition etc. The below guide reflects conditions 5/10 - 10/10 and are based on sales prices that would not include shipping and other associated costs in getting a vehicle to the USA.

LC/LJ ToranaU$10,000 - U$25,000
LC/LJ Torana GTR XU-1U$25,000 - U$50,000
LX Torana SS HatchU$15,000 - U$27,000
LX Torana SS Hatch A9XU$25,000 - U$60,000+
UC ToranaU$5,000 - U$12,000

Interested in obtaining a Torana?
With only a limited number of A9X Torana Hatchbacks ever being produced the prices have already skyrocketed. This pulls the price of associated models up with it and this has been seen across the board. Get into one while you still can - click here for more info.

Torana Drag Car

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